How To Buy Baby Cots That Suit Your Baby

Baby Cots and CribsWhile most Indian parents would previously have the baby sleep along in their bed, today, many are choosing to buy baby cots & cribs, once the baby is a few months old and has outgrown a cradle or traditional hammock. Baby cots & cribs have become popular because they help parents sleep peacefully without the fear that they might roll over the baby in their sleep.

Parents also choose to buy baby cots because it gets the baby accustomed to sleeping independently, and makes it easier for parents who plan to move the baby to a nursery later on.

Today, whether you choose to buy baby cots online, or at the store, there are a range of baby costs & cribs available, and it can sometimes be hard to decide which one is right for your baby, home and lifestyle.

In this article, we help to pick the right products that work best for your needs.

How to Buy Wooden Cots
Broadly, there are two kinds of baby cots & cribs available in the Indian market, although features and brands may vary.

The most preferred option is to buy wooden cots that are quite sturdy, have railings in place on all four sides to keep your child safe, and often, have a height adjustable mattress that is convenient as your child grows.

One of the main reasons to buy wooden cots is that these can usually be used until your child is around 4 years old, and will not have trouble bearing the weight of a growing child. Parents also prefer them because they are easy to clean, and often stay in good condition for a long time.

Look for a model with wheels that can be easily moved from one spot to another. Parents can lock the wheel to make the cot stable, and also to protect it from being moved by small children at home.

If you plan to buy baby cots online, make sure you look at the list of available features, and check if it includes an adjustable mattress base and wheels. Also check if the cot is made of good quality wood and conforms to standards set by the relevant certifying agencies.

Other Baby Cots & Cribs

While most parents choose to buy wooden cots, you can also look for options that meet for specific needs such as travel cots.

Baby cots & cribs for parents who travel a lot or like to take baby on outings need to be light-weight and foldable. If your lifestyle is extremely active, you may like to buy a travel cot that essentially a bassinet in a foldable frame, and can be easily ported around. Whether you buy baby cots online or at the store, make sure that there is a sturdy mesh around the sides to keep your baby safe.

When you buy baby cots that are bassinet-style, also check if they come with a carrying bag that you can use while travelling.

Other points to consider before you buy baby cots

Whether you plan to shop for baby cots online or at the store:

  • Pick the bedding to go with the baby cot at the same time. Buying bedding separately can result in picking up the wrong size and wasting your budget.
  • If you are furnishing a nursery, try and buy the furniture at one go so that it looks complementary.
  • Always go for a reputed store and brand to be assured of a safe product.

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